Good Food on the Corner

The Corner Grille – 3823 Main Street Atlanta, GA 30337

It’s Black History Month Brunch Babes!

With that, I’ll be featuring all black owned restaurants on the blog throughout the month of February. In Atlanta we have a plethora to try, so if you have any great black owned suggestions, please comment them below!

The Corner Grille sits right on the corner (no surprise there) of Main Street across from the Marta in downtown College Park.

I had the opportunity to visit The Corner Grille during lunch on a Friday afternoon after my colleague found it on Yelp. The quaint little restaurant was bumbling with a diverse group of patrons…all ages and races. It was an immediately refreshing dining experience!

Upon sitting down, my group of three was overwhelmed (in a positive way) with the menu. It’s a cajun themed restaurant, and everything on the menu looked SO GOOD! We started to look around at other’s plates and were even more undecided as everything we saw looked appetizing as well.

We decided on fried calamari to start, and it was delicious. The batter wasn’t typical. Instead it was similar to a fried fish batter that you would expect in New Orleans. The batter made the calamari lighter than most, which was a nice surprise. They served the starter with a Cajun aioli that paired perfectly with the fried calamari.

The Corner Grille – Fried Calamari

For our meals, we decided on the Cajun Chicken Sandwich, Cajun Pasta, and Chicken Tenders & Fries.

The Corner Grille – (left to top right) Fried Chicken Tenders, Cajun Pasta, Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Everyone was so impressed by their meals. The food was outstanding!

Have you ever been with a group at a restaurant where the food is so good, everyone wants the table to try their dish? That was us. By the end of lunch we each had tasted all the dishes and questioned whether we made the right decision on our order.

The chicken sandwich was flavored so well! It wasn’t too spicy, and the meat was perfectly juicy…which can be lost with blackened chicken. There was a slaw on top that was so refreshing and completed the dish.

The Corner Grille – The Cajun Chicken Sandwich

I chose the chicken tenders and french fries as my dish. Call me a kid, but I’m forever a sucker for well done chicken tenders, and these are some of the best I’ve had in a long time. The batter was light like that of the calamari. They were perfectly crunchy and the batter was full of flavor.

The Corner Grille – Fried Chicken Tenders

Last but not least, the Cajun pasta was a true star. Full of shrimp, crawfish and Andouille sausage, the pasta was creamy and so well balanced. I know I keep saying that every dish had so much flavor, but this pasta was no different. It tasted so incredibly good!

The Corner Grille – Cajun Pasta

I highly recommend visiting The Corner Grille. Take a visit out to good ole’ College Park, and give this place a try!

Location: The parking is limited and reserved to the street only. If you can, maybe Uber to the restaurant as I’m sure it gets busy if visiting during brunch or dinner.

Service: The service was excellent, and we didn’t experience a wait – however, I highly suggest making a reservation as the space is small.

The Corner Grille#SavedByTheBrunch



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